TNT Complete Facility Care
Locksmith / Door Repair

Locksmith Services:

Whether the door doesn’t unlock or the door doesn’t Lock, our Tech’s will get it fixed. Seldom is the occasion when the locksmith call is not an emergency call for us. So, when our technicians are contacted they are on the job quickly and resolve problems effectively. While on-site the tech accesses  the condition of the door and gives recommendations.


Door Repair:

Your doors are the welcoming committee to your business.
They must work and look proper. We understand that
image and access to your location is paramount to your business 
success and that is why we strive to find the quickest,
best solution to any door related challenges. Our teams, like our locksmiths understand emergency service repairs, will often arise and that timely service is a must. Our Door service covers standard openings, double hung glass doors, and even revolving doors.
We also, handle roll up doors, garage bay, and dock doors.

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