TNT Complete Facility Care

Heating and Air Conditioning:

While we never see it, we always feel it and if you can hear your machines running and can’t feel the benefits of your system, there is a problem.  Your facilities heating and air conditioning units are extremely important to your businesses lifeblood. When your unit goes down, whether it is for a faulty belt, a compressor, or the thermostat isn’t working, TNT is always there. By teaming up with us, you have a partner in your business whose sole job is to make sure we take care of problems as important as the comfort and condition of the air in your facility.


Our expertise in this field is unmatched. We pride ourselves in finding the best solutions for every situation. We have taken quotes from other companies and found better solutions that match the building better and that were much more cost-effective. Truly, the magic in doing that kind of work is working side-by-side with our clients. Clients who understand by sharing information and really looking at the problem with us; therefore, they have found that our desire to service their account always serves them best.


We provide preventative maintenance services and on-demand service calls. We highly treasure the preventative maintenance services and we strive hard to find challenges during those services, which ultimately prevent bigger problems down the line. We provide comprehensive reports on each unit so that our customers have a better chance of keeping track of these important pieces of equipment.


Unlike, many other companies when putting in a new unit into a location or replacing an old unit, we treat this operation as if we are building a building. We have a comprehensive punch list that keeps our technicians on target to finish the task at hand. Often, people think it’s just a matter of removing one unit and replacing it with a new unit, but that is not the case. In replacing units you must get permission from the mall and often from local municipalities.  They're so many variables that can occur during a unit installation that our customers feel comfortable knowing that we have thought of all the potential problems. We have a way to take care of them before and during and after the installation. The quality and condition of the air in your facilities is paramount to the experience your customers receive, while they are on-site; that’s why we put so much effort into making sure we perform exceptionally for you.

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