TNT Complete Facility Care

Handyman Services

In many locations the most inconvenient situations occur. A door handle breaks off the cabinet, a piece of tile in the middle floor has something dropped on it, and needs replacing. These tasks are best left to what are called handyman services. Our technicians come into your facility accessing the problem, and while on-site resolve the issue or prepare a quote and a report of how to repair or restore. 


Our handyman services handles complicated service calls such as, closing an entire retail store location down. Removing satellite dishes off of roofs, removing wallpaper, repainting walls resurfacing floors, and managing the walk-through with the rental management company.  Our technicians have worked on the outside of building soffits, sealed up windows for winter weather and just about everything else you can imagine. The handyman services category covers so many will diverse and broad range of activities, that it is difficult to try to list everything it encompasses. Our customers are happy with the knowledge that when they send us out on a call, we will come up with the best ideas that are both cost-effective and most importantly a long-lasting solution.

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