TNT Complete Facility Care


At TNT we understand that electrical work takes up many different phases for the operations of your facility. Without property functioning rewiring to your computer systems you cannot possibly stay open for very long. We know that even the simplest of light bulbs not functioning properly, can be a safety hazard or a problem with fire regulations in your municipality. Our technicians are well-versed in all the upgrades, new advances in the electrical industry and we bring that expertise to your facility each and every time we perform our service.


We understand that often times insurance issues of the the reason why we are at a facility to take care of what seems to be simple tasks. For example, changing larger light bulbs and maybe 12, 15 or 20 feet up in the air would seem like a very simple task for an electrician, but we completely understand that for insurance purposes your employees are not covered and therefore not qualified to do such tasks. That’s why when our technicians are on-site even to do what appears to be very simple for themselves; they review the site to see if there’s any additional defects they can take care of while on-site. It’s these practices that help us help you contain costs and run more efficiently.

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